TWC offering Red Zone-style channel for college football, hoops

As the end of the first NFL game of the season was winding down, an interesting note hit my inbox from Time Warner Cable:

Your Saturdays will never be the same…

College football fans, your time has come. ESPN Goal Line brings you unlimited live cut-ins and highlights from games around the country. Coverage starts at 9 am, so you’ll never miss a play.

Tune in to get up-to-the-minute scores and commentary from games on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU, along with ESPN Regional and local broadcasts. ESPN Goal Line is available on SportsPass, channel 1540, every Saturday of the season.

Do my eyes deceive me? Red Zone for college football? It’s evidently another perk of the newly negotiated deal between TWC and ESPN/Disney etc. Between how many games are already broadcast, ESPN3 and the occasional use of “alternative” feeds, I don’t subscribe to Gameplan. My initial fear was that, like DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket, this would be an add-on to that service. Not the case. This is actually part of the sports tier that gets you the local Fox Sports channels and other secondary sports coverage. After getting all of the “What does it take to get this?” questions sorted out, I went to TWC’s official press release, which had an even better nugget, in my eyes, than the college football news.

A similar service called Buzzer Beater is planned in time for college basketball season.

A Red Zone for college hoops? Count me in.

My default position is generally to bang on TWC for not having Sunday Ticket, but this has to qualify as one of the best things they’ve done in some time. Lump this on to the fact that they got ESPN3 out of their new deal and for once I think TWC customers have reason to be happy with their provider.

ESPN Goal Line, at least here in Charlotte, is set to air on channel 1540. One stipulation, in addition to having the sports tier, is that you must have HD service.


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