App review: Nike+ GPS for iPhone

When I wrote about the Yahoo! Sportacular and Game Center apps, one of the other apps that caught my attention on the featured page was the Nike+ GPS for iPhone app. I’ve always liked the idea of Nike+, but haven’t ever been wild about having to pop the sensor into the shoe and do something like wear a special watch to track my runs.

The iPhone plus this new app, which is offered for $1.99, eliminates the need for those extra peripherals and it’s worth every penny if you’re interested in keeping track of your day-to-day workout runs. I took it out for a test run this morning and loved the results in a few areas.

Thanks to iOS4 multitasking, I’m still able to run the Rhapsody app for my music while this app also runs. When I hit one mile, it told me about my distance, as well as my pace. It updated me for every subsequent mile. It’s a nice middle point between knowing nothing and staring at a ticker on a treadmill. You get just enough information to motivate, but not enough to feel burdened by it.

Also, when you’re finished with the run, the app spits out a map showing your route and also outlining where you picked up the pace/slowed down at various points. Again, all of this is achieved with the GPS in the iPhone. (I’m using an iPhone 3GS, for what it’s worth.)

Finally, if you’ve got a username for, you’re able to easily upload your run so you can track your progress over time. I saw some people in the iTunes reviews complain about the connection to, but I had no issues.

The app offers multiple modes: Basic (run with no set time/distance), Time (run against a clock), or Distance (run for a set number of miles/kilometers). You’re also able to challenge yourself by racing against a previous run. The app also allows you to hear motivational clips, but I turned those off. Admittedly, this was the first run-tracking app I’ve tried, but I’ve got no reason to try another one because this felt like a well-spent $1.99.

Download the app from iTunes here.


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