QuickHit goes 3D, but it’ll cost you

In the days of FirstCuts, one of the more aggressively promoted football titles (that I often turned a blind eye to) was QuickHit (recently rebranded as QuickHit NFL). I used to get PR pitches for the game all the time, but I just couldn’t muster up any sort of excitement. Until recently, the game didn’t have an NFL license, so there were no real teams and only a few players — five or fewer — associated with each edition of the game. But the selling point was always the same: It’s Free!

I’ve always felt the same about this game: Anyone who tells you that this brand of turn-based football is a viable Madden alternative is only fooling themselves. But if we can get past that point and have an honest conversation, it’s a pretty good product when you stand it up as a free item. Rolling in the NFL license plus a few name players like Titans RB Chris Johnson and Patriots WR Randy Moss added to the appeal. The overhead camera angle is fine for what it is, because you’re really only playing this as a turn-based strategy game, not one where you need to see every angle and make a play on the ball once it’s snapped.

Now, on the heels of grabbing that coveted NFL license, comes news that QuickHit is going 3D. The image above is a screen cap from the new 3D game. If you want this experience, you’ll be paying one way or another. You can pay a one-time fee of $14.99 — a price they’re saying will last for a limited time only, because a crossed out $20 price tag is actually shown. You can also choose to become a QuickHit NFL Pro member, which will run you $5.99/month, $29.99/6 months or $47.99 annually. (The benefits of the Pro membership include: “The membership provides exclusive content and benefits such as; access to 3D, a monthly currency allowance, no in-game banner ads, and more,” according to the news release.

When QuickHit wasn’t asking a penny, I never thought it was fair to compare it to Madden, but by making this leap, they invite the comparisons and I don’t think it’s one that comes out friendly for them. The only people I can see paying for this title are those who have no access to consoles. It’s not particularly difficult to find Madden for $50 or less, even in the weeks immediately following its release. If you compare what you get for $15 from QuickHit vs. what you get for $50-65 from Madden, it’s not even close.

But QuickHit is still a puppy compared to the old dog that is Madden and there’s a desperate need for someone to step into the PC space and provide a viable NFL simulation title. It’s a start, but it hasn’t evolved enough for me to plop down $15 just yet.


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