TV season is upon us

This won’t fall under my loosely sports related postings that are normally here, but I was just skimming the upcoming TV schedule to figure out what will make the cut and what won’t.

Monday: Chuck, 8 pm, NBC
Tuesday: Sons of Anarchy, 10 pm, FX
Wednesday: Modern Family, 9 pm, ABC; Cougar Town, 9:30, ABC; Terriers, 10 pm, FX (EDIT: I made an incredible omission leaving out Friday Night Lights, which debuts on Oct. 27 on DirecTV’s 101 Network. Final season people! I’ve got the screener DVD and will post something on it early next week.)
Thursday: Bones, 8, FOX; Community, 8, NBC; 30 Rock, 8:30, NBC; The Office, 9, NBC; It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 10, FX; The League, 10:30, FX
Sunday: Boardwalk Empire, 9, HBO; Dexter, 9, Showtime; Mad Men, 10, AMC; Eastbound and Down, 10:30, HBO

Kicked to the curb: House, Weeds. (Bones is a prime candidate to be cut, too.)
Tried it, didn’t like it: The Big C.
New shows I’m trying/will try: Lone Star (watching as I type), Walking Dead (Oct. 31)

What are you watching this season?


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