Reebok heating up shoes with U-Form

I posted a similar message on Twitter, but I’ll re-state it here. The oven mitt that Reebok sent out has to be one of the more unique — if not strange — promo items I’ve ever received related to a shoe? The oven mitt is for Reebok U-Form, the shoes that you heat up to mold to your feet. Here are the specific details.

Step 1: Pre-heat a conventional oven to 200º F. Do not place U-Form cleats on the grill or in a microwave. This is not a hot dog or bag of popcorn. Once heated, place the unlaced cleats in the oven for three minutes. Don’t worry, they won’t be too hot, more like a warm towel out of the dryer.

Step 2: After three minutes, put on the cleats and lace up them up tight. In just eight minutes, you’ll be ready for two-a-days. Keep still and wear the cleats for 8 minutes, allowing the interior to set and form to the unique shape of your foot. After 8 minutes, the U-Form material has cooled, providing a truly customized fit.

My friend Paul Shugar, who grew up playing hockey, informs me this is actually a pretty regular thing for skates and has been for some time. It was new to me though and strikes me as particularly interesting for anyone who has ever dealt with arch issues in their kicks. Reebok already has football cleats on the market, with baseball and lacrosse cleats — plus basketball — to follow in late 2010. Check out this link for a slideshow of what’s to come from Reebok, including the Tempo U-Form basketball shoes.

On another Reebok-related note, expect me to review the Zig Slash at some point. Talked with the friendly folks at Reebok who should send out a pair at some point. It’ll be interesting to compare those with the adiZero Rose. Down the line, I’ll also try to get my hands on these U-Form kicks, too.

In case you’re wondering about prices, they are as follows:
NFL U-Form 4Speed (in stores now): $90
Tempo U-Form – basketball (in stores Fall 2010): $100
Vector U-Form – baseball (in stores 10/1/2010): $100

What do you think? Would you want to make a move to a Hexride basketball shoe for the potentially customized fit of U-Form?


One Response to Reebok heating up shoes with U-Form

  1. joe reebok says:

    I think one of the Tempo U Forms is up for auction on eBay….$99

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