Time Warner Cable Arena getting heavy Jordan Brand inventory

Interesting story from Sports Business Journal today about Time Warner Cable Arena — home of the Charlotte Bobcats — and how they’ll be getting a retail space that was described as a Jordan Brand “boutique.” Well, calling it a retail space would probably be wrong. What it’s actually going to be is a large chunk of the team shop.

More than 40 percent of the inventory available at the store will consist of exclusive Jordan Brand products and items co-branded with Bobcats marks, said Pete Guelli, the club’s executive vice president and chief sales and marketing officer.

There have been little smatterings of Jordan Brand throughout already. In concourses, they’ve occasionally displayed player editions of Jordan Brand shoes, but nothing ever that would really make you stare and take notice.

More from SBJ:

There are opportunities, for example, to use Bobcats players and Jordan Brand clients Gerald Wallace and D.J. Augustin to promote new Air Jordan shoes, Whitfield said.

There are restrictions, however. Adidas is the NBA’s exclusive retail supplier, so Jordan Brand is prohibited from making and selling anything worn on the court or player-specific, Guelli said.

The increased Jordan Brand presence is obviously tied to Michael Jordan becoming the team’s owner, but the question is whether this will simply be a store full of lots of Jordan-branded Bobcats gear, or something that can really become a destination? I’m going to reach out to some of the folks at Time Warner Cable Arena for more information because I think, if done right, this could be almost a Jordan Brand House of Hoops. I do wonder, however, whether the rules mentioned by SBJ would prevent them from ever selling, say, Player Editions like a House of Hoops would do. Is this a place that would actually do Jordan drops? I’m hoping to find out.


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