ABC Family dumps Friday Night Lights

My days of fighting the ratings battles for “Friday Night Lights” are long over. The show got five seasons and it’s been established that the upcoming fifth season is the final one. All things I’m OK with. But I have to say, it bugged me a little bit to hear that ABC Family dumped “FNL” from syndication.

I’d preached how great the show was for some time now and only gotten a few people to really watch, yet recently I had more people coming up to me and talking about how ABC Family was running episodes of the show. People who hadn’t watched it were starting from the beginning, and they were hooked. But now ABC Family has pulled the rug out from under those folks and that’s disappointing to hear. I don’t actually watch ABC Family, so maybe I don’t know their demographic or the type of numbers they expect, but I find it very strange that I was dealing with some kind of vocal minority that was discovering the show for the first time. The fifth and final season of the show makes its DirecTV debut on Oct. 27 at 9 p.m. ET on the 101 Network.


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