Brandon Jennings’ Under Armour spot

With the release of Under Armour’s basketball shoes this week (Oct. 23), the company dropped its first teaser for Brandon Jennings. We had this discussion on Twitter (we being myself, Nate Jones and a couple of other folks), but does this campaign fit Jennings’ personality? Jennings — while not being a full-blown clown or anything — does seem to have a more loose and fun personality. It seems like UA could’ve gone one of two ways: 1. Follow right along with the sort of gruff, intimidating image they’ve built in football or 2. Build an entirely new persona in basketball, as Jennings is their first guy. Clearly, they went for option No. 1, but how do you like it? Still hoping I’ll get to check out something from the Micro G line in the future, but don’t know for sure whether I will.


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