Images: adidas adiZero Rose

I’ve just gotten my hands on my first pair of the adidas adiZero Rose (courtesy of adidas), the shoe Derrick Rose will be wearing this season. Above is just a stock image. Below are some other shots I took tonight pointing out a few details that I found interesting or had read about before. I’ll post a full performance review in a few weeks once I log some serious time. Also of note: Eastbay is hosting a chat with Derrick Rose at 6 p.m. ET, which you can check out here.

First up, I wanted to point out the disparity in ankle support, imagined or otherwise, from last year’s TS Supernatural Creator.

My favorite feature of last year’s shoe for Rose was that superior ankle support. Now, it’s interesting to note that Rose wears those Speedwrap ankle braces, so perhaps the cut of the shoe was changed to accommodate that accessory. But then will people know they should go pick them up? I’ve yet to play in these, but just walking around, the loss of support isn’t as great as I wouldn’t expected. Still, the higher cut, plus the shroud, provided a really locked-down feeling. It remains to be seen whether that will be replicated.

Next up is a picture of Sprint Frame.

This is almost like a hard cup at the heel that is supposed to keep your foot in place. It’s not unlike what you’ll see in a lot of low-cut basketball shoes these days as an alternative way of stabilizing your rear foot/ankle.

Below, another comparison shot and a few other detail shots:

You can pick up the adiZero Rose from Eastbay in three colorways, including this one, for $99.99.


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