Help me decide: Customizing the Reebok Zig Slash

Quick back story, and then I’ll get to why you’re here. Reebok was going to ship me out a pair of Zig Slashes to use for wear-testing on the site. However, the timing of those shoes being shipped out coincided with the John Wall Contest from Reebok. You design a pair, share them on Facebook and then try to garner the most “Like” votes (smart move by Reebok to use the Like button as a voting apparatus, by the way) and then the final 10 people will win customized kicks. Of those 10, Wall will pick his favorite to wear during All-Star Weekend 2011.

Anyway, because Reebok is promoting this customized experience through and they also wanted to get me out a pair to wear, they killed two birds with one stone and offered me a chance to create my own kicks for this little independent blog of mine. I’ve spent a lot of time tonight — probably almost 3 hours — just messing with different colorways.

The options are actually pretty strong in certain parts of this shoe, particularly the actual ZigTech. The option to go solid, speckled or a fade from one color into another gives you a great place to begin your design process. My only gripe is that I wish you could separate the logo from the underlay on the main part of the shoe. It kind of limits what you can do in that regard, which is why I wound up designing a lot of all-white uppers.

One of my favorite design quirks I’d like to test is this: The “personalization” area goes where the giant “Reebok” is printed on the inner part of the shoe. From Day One, this has been my least favorite design element of the shoe. The giant lettering just wasn’t a good look. It appears you can leave that area blank in the personalization section and just give yourself a regular, plain section of sneaker. I’ll be the test subject on this one to make sure it comes out that way.

That brings me to my designs. Below, I’ve got links for some of my favorites I’ve done. I’d love your take via Twitter, Facebook or here in the comments. (These designs are presented in no particular order.)

1. “Olympic” colorway:

2. Shades of Blue:

These next three are all kind of variations of each other. All-white, patent upper. Half of the Reebok vector is “Pure Silver,” which is actually shiny like on this shoe. Difference is the accent on each shoe.

3. Neon Cherry:

4. Neon Blue:

5. Big Green:

6. Another Shades of Blue, but with a Neon Cherry accent on the sole:

7. Black-based, Neon Cherry accent:

So, what do you think? Because I typically wear all-black hoops shoes, my inclination is to go the other way and go with one of the all-white patent shoes, but I can’t make my mind up on an accent. Green would be very different. If you head over to to make your own colorway, be sure to share your design with me. I’ll be sure to throw a “Like” vote your way.


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