First impression: Converse Star Player Evo

While I wait for my custom Reebok Zig Slashes, I’ve got a new pair of kicks to knock around in for a bit for another review here on the site. Converse was kind enough to supply me with a pair of Converse Star Player Evos. More images after the jump, plus some initial thoughts on the look and feel. (Apologies in advance for the picture quality. I had to use my iPhone as my memory card for my usual digital camera has crapped out on me and I need a new one, but didn’t want to delay this post.)

I’ll admit that when I got these out of the box the first time, my initial take, just from look at recent Converse experience was that it probably wasn’t my type of shoe. Sizing on Converse stuff has been strange for me lately and to make it worse, things have felt stiff and I haven’t been wild about design.
The black and gold design is pretty different, and I’d still say that of the various Star Player EVO versions available, the black gold probably wouldn’t be the first I’d grab. (Check out Eastbay for other colorways that are a little bit more toned down.) But the Star Player EVO actually comes with alternate all-black laces that really improve the look of the shoe in my estimation. (I’ll post a pic with the black laces later on.) The color combo laces just aren’t for me personally.
Now on to the weight and feel, which is pretty good. Love the breathability with mesh along most of the sides of the shoes. Noticed a similar cup on the heel like the Sprint Frame on the adiZero Rose. It seems like a way to offset the lack of structure in the front part of the shoe. I’m normally not a huge fan of higher cuts like this shoe, but it does have give/comfort in all the right spots, like in the Achilles and the ankles where there is additional padding. These can be two really irritating areas on shoes if done incorrectly. By the way, if you consider ordering online, know that these definitely run large. They sent me an 8 and it actually fit. Go down a half size folks.

More on these in a few weeks after I get some run with them on the floor. Have you checked these out in a store or picked up a pair for yourself? Leave me your tweets, Facebook notes and comments!


4 Responses to First impression: Converse Star Player Evo

  1. Andrew says:

    Hi, I came across your review because I’m very picky when it comes to purchasing a performance basketball shoe because of the myriad of problems I have with my feet, so hopefully I made the right purchase. (I just ordered these off of using the 25% of F&F deal). I love the look of the shoe and performance design elements, however, I’m very worried about the unusual “whole sizing”. I am nearly always a size 10.5 in Nike’s and as you noted that it runs large, so I trusted your initial review and ordered a size 10. I’m eagerly awaiting your final review…and btw, is there any non-visible technology implemented into the heel and/or forefoot of the shoe? (ie. Converse Balls Technology)

  2. chrislittmann says:

    Thanks for the comment, Andrew. Haven’t heard anything about Converse Balls, etc. being in the shoe. I’m looking forward to playing in these soon, too! I like to give things a few weeks though before I review them, just to give everything an initial break-in period and see how they wear over time. Please come back and let me know what you think on how they feel. I think you made the right choice on the sizing, by the way. I often even wear a 9 in some hoops shoes, so the fact that an 8 fit speaks volumes.

  3. Andrew says:

    No prob! Thanks!

  4. Andrew says:

    Well, I picked them up just a few minutes ago and I’m really impressed by the quality and attention-to-detail. You were right about the sizing as well Chris, thanks. I’d say for future buyers, they luckily fit almost exactly a half-size larger than the typical Nike shoe. I know they say a good majority of the stability in a shoe is at the base of the shoe, but I wanted to find a shoe with a higher cut because I’ve noticed that my ankle area and legs are more prone to fatigue with a lower cut shoe (makes sense, no?). The “CONtain” padding on either sides of the ankle feel wonderful, the heel-cup locks down my heel to the base of the shoe, there’s more supportive/rigid/durable material only where you need it, the outsole seems to be very grippy/sticky, shoe fits like a glove, toe-box has just enough room for my medium-width feet, and cushioning seems pretty adequate…so far that is, hehe.

    I’m gonna see the doctor sometime soon about my throbbing big toe, so I’m not too sure when I’ll be able test these suckers out on the court. Until then, I’ll look forward to your review!

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