Friday Night Lights, Episode 506: Swerve

Somewhat abbreviated thoughts on tonight’s episode of Friday Night Lights, which airs each week on DirecTV’s 101 Network at 9 p.m. ET. After the jump, some thoughts on “Swerve.”

Another very strong offering, not really of the goosebump variety for me, but a good episode overall.

What I didn’t love — and you can probably guess if you read last week’s review — is more of the Julie drama. I’ll agree with Televisionary that the fallout is more interesting than the affair itself, but that doesn’t mean I love the story. Julie intentionally wrecking the car frustrated me a little bit though. Had she held out on faking the whole thing, maybe it would’ve made sense (although that would’ve been brutal, too, I suppose) but I hate that she did something so stupid, only to give up the truth so quickly in a restaurant. All the while, she’s got the most infinitely forgiving parents, so why not just fess up!?

Still kind of feeling like my speculation last week will come to pass and she’ll wind up back in Dillon after all of this. As I said, Burleson is her TMU. When we end the episode, she’s still there, with coach looking at Gracie Bell and Julie saying she didn’t want to disappoint Eric.

The only other plot point that gets me particularly fired up is Vince’s dad coming through and beating down Kenard. You had to figure he wasn’t going to go away quietly — and I’m still not sure he will. With so few episodes left, I just hope it doesn’t end tragically for Vince and his family, like his dad facing retribution he thought he’d cut off at the pass.

Much in the way I was frustrated with Julie, I was also frustrated with Vince for not going to coach. It’s sort of like that phenomenon on Lost where no one did a very good job of communicating and as a result, chaos often won out.

Other brief nuggets on tonight’s episode.

— The Lions move to 5-0. Sounds like they won 28-10.

— Great night for Billy and Mindy when it comes to speeches. Billy’s pregame talk was strong, and Mindy’s rant to Becky and Luke was pretty funny as well.

— Was it just me, or was there not a whole lot of end-game to the Kingmaker/magazine cover. Perhaps there’s some underlying message about how he’s allegedly creating all these great football players, but doesn’t feel like he knows the daughter he raised. (Yeah, we’ll roll with that.)

— Luke calls TMU, while drunk, after a rousing pep talk from Billy once coach has confirmed that TMU doesn’t want him. Like a lot of the other threads in this episode, I don’t imagine we’re finished with them.

— Mindy, while shopping for a stripper outfit: “Rhinestones make me look trashy.”

Send me your take on this episode in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter. Only one new episode left in this calendar year. No episodes on the 22nd and the 29th, but tune in next week on the DirecTV 101 Network at 9 p.m. ET.


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