Impressions: Reebok Zig Slash from

After a great deal of anticipation, my custom pair of Reebok Zig Slashes from have arrived. (There was a delay above and beyond the usual expected four week delivery time. It’s unclear whether this was because of a crush for the holidays or just a manufacturing issue. To Reebok’s credit, they were offering 30 percent off and free shipping for the trouble.) I’d kind of teased the design before in my posts in late November and now you can see the final result above.

I went with all-white patent leather upper, a metallic silver Vector, a black/white speckled midsole and for accents, I used the electric blue color on The midsole was easily the toughest choice. So many good options with the gradients, etc., but I’m happy with how these came out.

One of the biggest design tweaks I made was the customization that was actually no customization at all. If you’ve seen the Zig Slashes in person, you’ve seen the giant word “REEBOK” along the side of the shoe. That’s an area they allow you to customize in the design process. I did just that … by leaving the customization blank. I think it makes the upper look less busy, particularly because those triangles on the side give the upper more than enough activity for my taste. I also kind of minimized the look of the triangles by making one uniform color on the upper.

If I’m going to level any criticism at Reebok, it’s the presentation. This is not a personal gripe about the product I received — because what I received was free, courtesy of the wonderful folks at M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment as well as Reebok — but if I was a paying customer at the $133 price my shoes would’ve cost, I would’ve been less than pleased by the presentation. What I received in the mail was this box that you see here. This is the outer box. There was no special inside box. There was no bag. These shoes were shipped from China in a shoe box that had been turned inside out. Part of having a premium product should include springing for an extra box so you’ve got a nice way to store your kicks. It’s a minor point, but it’s one worth making.

I’ve actually had the shoes since Friday, but haven’t had the chance to play because of bad weather here in Charlotte that has shut down my YMCA the last two days. I’m really looking forward to playing some ball in them this week though, preferably starting tomorrow or Thursday.

For now, enjoy the full album of the kicks with the pictures you see here, plus more, over on my Facebook page. I’d love to hear what you think of the design on Twitter (@chrislittmann), Facebook and in the comments. Have you gone out to pick up a pair of Reebok Zig Slashes? If not, what are you playing in this season?

Full disclosure: A big thanks to Reebok for the opportunity to try out the ordering process and now the opportunity to review the actual Reebok Zig Slash shoes.


2 Responses to Impressions: Reebok Zig Slash from

  1. logan says:

    Exactly how long did these take to arrive? i ordered a pair over five weeks ago and was wondering when they would come.

  2. chrislittmann says:

    It took me from Thanksgiving to New Years. I’d expect at least five weeks if not six, but Reebok also said they experienced a delay in my order, suggesting it was unusual.

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