Point 3 Basketball breaks into competitive market of hoops gear

If you go into a sporting goods store or flip through an Eastbay catalog, there’s no shortage of basketball apparel options from all of your traditional powers. But just as APL has tried to do in the sneaker market, the folks at Point 3 Basketball have taken on the uphill battle against bigger names by trying to innovate with unique products in the hope that fans will be looking for an alternative.

Point 3 only makes a few items, as follows:

— Base: Snug fit sleeveless undershirt.

— Baller: Performance game shorts.

— Shooter: Shooting sleeve.

— Free: Loose fit sleelveless performance top.

— Hoodie: Cold-weather hooded top

— Sak: Basketball gear bag.

They’ve stuck to the basics, although maybe I’d argue we could use something with even short sleeves. But for my purposes, Point 3 Basketball was kind enough to send over two items from their line — Baller and Free — to check out when I hit the court.

How does Point 3 try to offer something different to its consumers? It’s in the details of each piece of apparel. The Baller shorts create a slightly curved line across the knee so when you get down in that defensive stance, those shorts that are sagging won’t catch on your knee. Also, the shorts feature what Point 3 calls “DRYV Moisture Control.” It feels like you’ve got patches of cloth towels on your shorts. The panels are perfect if you need to dry those hands for a critical shot. Then there’s the Free top, which also features DRYV in panels on the shoulders and what is described as anti-odor, moisture-wicking fiber.

Speaking purely from fit, if you order these products I can tell you they’ll fit like most other gear. I typically wear a small in tops and a medium in shorts. The same held here. Felt great on all accounts.

From a look perspective, I think the sharpest of the Free tops is the black/black version. To me, that shoulder panel section looks strange when it’s not the same color as the rest of the top, especially because it’s almost a bushy, plush towel kind of feel. I will say that the Baller shorts — which I got in a black/black colorway — are incredibly sharp. Great design work there all around.

It’s hard to classify either product as ultra lightweight, but I’m not sure that’s what they’re marketing toward. So don’t pick up the top and think you’re getting the lightest piece of Nike Dri-Fit. But their approach is a more pragmatic one. For just a little bit more weight — and in most cases, I think people will find it negligible — you can get an added feature you won’t find in other gear.

It brings us to an interesting point in design of apparel. To my knowledge, I’m not sure there’s been another manufacturer — at least a mainstream one — to try and essentially incorporate a small-ish towel into your gear. I love the idea and I want to see how Point 3 can roll with it going forward. Can they create or find a material that will still be absorbent, but perhaps won’t be as bushy as the current DRYV panels? That would be the next great step for them. And because they are the ones who started this, I hope for their sake they’re the ones to figure out that next iteration.

You can find Point 3 Basketball gear at Point3Basketball.com. The Free top I tested retails for $29.99 while the Baller shorts will set you back $39.99.

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