Review: Nike LeBron Air Max 8 V2 (Incomplete)

I’d been playing the Reebok Zig Slash and adiZero Rose for quite some time now, and I was itching to try something new. When I got my Nice Kicks newsletter and saw I could pick up the LeBron 8 V2 for $109, seemed like a great deal. So I snatched them up. I’m generally not one to shell out for kicks without trying them on if I’m going to play them, and I remembered why when the 8 V2 arrived.

I’ve worn shoes with a 360 airbag — even run in them in the case of the Air Max 2009 — but after just trying on the 8 V2 in my condo, I knew they weren’t for me. I tried lacing them a few different ways, but I always felt like I was bouncing around in them, and not in that positive, going to help me dunk kind of way. It was more like the heel lockdown was lacking. The shoe doesn’t have a heel counter, but I didn’t encounter this problem with the Zig Slash. And it’s not that they were sized incorrectly. They were snug throughout the rest of the shoe. But in the heel… well, I just knew I’d never feel comfortable going all out.

So, that’s why the title of this post says “Incomplete.” I boxed them back up, sent them to Nice Kicks, and I’ve got some Kobe VIs on the way. (I’m also seriously considering the Jordan 2011 on the advice of a few basketball-playing friends.) Those can be had pretty inexpensively on these days, by the way. They’re down to $139, plus another 20 percent off with code “SHOES20,” so if you can do local pickup, the AJ 2011 can be had for around $120 after tax. Not bad at all.

In other shoe news, I’m supposed to have a few other things on deck in the coming weeks from adidas and Reebok, but until then, it’s back to waiting for my Kobe VIs to arrive on Monday.


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