Review: adidas ClimaCool Ride

A few years ago, I worked out in the first few iterations of the Nike Free trainers. I loved them, but as I took on more running, I didn’t feel like those trainers I loved were suited for running and I went back to more traditional runners. Fast forward a few years and the market is absolutely overloaded with thin-and-light options targeted specifically to runners. Thanks to adidas, I had the opportunity to check out one of those offerings, the adidas ClimaCool Ride.

According to Eastbay, the ClimaCool Ride checks in at 8.2 oz. (It’s actually a fun social experiment. Toss these shoes to a friend of yours and watch the look on their face. It’s usually a total jaw-dropper.) I don’t believe even the early Frees I worked out in were this light, so it really was an experience unlike any other for me in that regard.

One of the other strengths of the shoe is the breathability. You can watch this video for greater detail, but to sum up, essentially every part of the upper is breathable, but even the sole has breathability through the flexible notches on the outsole and the perforated insole.

While I’m not knocking that outsole, it’s also not the kind of standout stuff I’m used to on the bottom of, say, an adidas hoops shoe that’s a little bit bulkier.

From a sizing perspective, if you go to pick these up, make sure you go down at least a half size. If you have the chance, go try them on in person before buying them. They absolutely run big, and you don’t want something this flexible where you’ve got a thumb-length plus in the toe box.

By normal runner standards, the stability of the upper is actually better than I anticipated it would be. Because the thing feels so flimsy and light in your hand, I anticipated my foot feeling somewhat naked and unstable. While you won’t catch me doing quick change of direction and sprints in these, I had no worries about rolling an ankle or anything when I was just out running.

My biggest caveat, beyond sizing, is that runners should know their foot and their stride style before jumping into an ultra-light like the ClimaCool Ride. I pronate, and I’ve got a pair of shoes with specifically targeted support for my arches. (Side note: I’m dying to find a trainer in the same boat, so before I go shopping for inserts, anyone have any suggestions?) This is really a no-frills shoe when it comes to special support for over/under pronation. You could easily pop in a pair of insoles/heelcups/inserts, but know that you’ll need to make that adjustment if you have any special needs of your own.

Style-wise, this is a really strong item for adidas. The customization that’s available is outstanding. If you’re searching for regular colorways, you’ve got lots of options from Foot Locker and The shoe retails for $90.

Big thank you to adidas for providing the ClimaCool Ride — in this outlandish orange colorway that got me more than a few comments everywhere I went — so I could review the shoe.


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