First look: Jordan Brand goes into training market

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The Trunner shoe line isn’t new to Jordan Brand, but as of this fall, Jordan Brand is making a more concerted push into the training market as of this fall, not only marketing shoes, but also apparel that is more fitted to your training needs — as opposed to what many consumers have come to know as an incredibly baggy line of hoops gear. (Seriously, those of us below 6-feet-tall have an incredibly difficult time wearing anything Jordan Brand. Finding a small is like finding a bald eagle hanging out in your neighborhood. Even on those, they’re pretty generous with the fabric.)

So Jordan Brand hit up a few folks like myself who have a focus on the training market with their latest push:

  • The Jordan Brand Get Ready S/S shirt ($32)
  • The Jordan Brand Get Ready shorts ($35)
  • The Jordan Brand Trunner 11 LX ($105)
  • Resistance bands and drawstring bag
  • Jordan Brand “Every Single Day” water bottle
  • iPod nano preloaded with workout routines
  • Beats by Dre earbuds
I’m particularly interested in how many hoops heads are interested in Jordan Brand training gear, given that they’ve already got some built-in brand loyalty probably, but I’d bet they’re currently training in regular Nike gear or maybe something like Under Armour at the moment. If Jordan Brand made the move to produce more training gear, and you were already someone who plays in Jordan Brand, would you make the switch for your exercise apparel and footwear?
I’ll be trying these out over the next few weeks and checking in with my thoughts afterward.

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