A closer look at Jordan Brand training gear

Full disclosure: Jordan Brand sent me all materials reviewed here, previously seen in this post.

I don’t consider myself much of a distance runner. If you catch me at the tail end of a five-mile run, you’re probably also catching me in the warmup for a really long nap. My workouts tend to be focused around a lot of sprints/squats/lunges/bodyweight drills/etc. Not that there isn’t running involved, but it’s just in totally different intervals. As a result, I’ve become much more interested in the “training” segment of footwear in apparel over the last two years or so.

The short version of my thoughts on Jordan Brand’s foray into this field: Love the shirts, love the shorts … but not sure Trunners are for me. More thoughts after the jump.

I really wanted to love the Trunner 11 LX. It seems crazy that the most appropriate training shoe I’ve found to date is my Kobe VI. But for me it’s about a very precise fit, and a slip-on — for my workouts — just doesn’t do it. There is some degree of adjustment with the two straps across the top and at the heel, but unless you get a great off-the-shelf fit, there’s only so much adjusting you can really do. And that was my problem.

I can see myself wearing the Trunners in a workout where I’m not doing agility/running drills, but instead find myself doing weights, etc. In the workout guide sent with this pack, I did notice most of the workouts didn’t put a lot of side-to-side stress on these shoes, and I think that’s wise. A lot of work involving lunges, pushups, etc. were touted in the guide — all things that you can do comfortably in these kicks.

So while I’m not bullish on this iteration of the kicks, I’m pretty thrilled with the shorts and shirts from Jordan Brand. At a generous listing of probably 5-foot-8 or so, most JB clothing just isn’t for me. To say they’re generous with fabric would be an understatement. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even bother looking at most JB clothing. I don’t need baggy Ts that go to my knees, and smalls just don’t exist in stores it seems.

So it was refreshing to try on the Jordan Brand Get Ready S/S shirt and have it actually fit like other workout gear I’ve got. And even the size medium shorts — which would often be comically big under the hoops brand, seemed to fit more like normal shorts. (It didn’t hurt that the shorts were also really lightweight, although I would love some pockets.)

The Get Ready top was the highlight for me. The cut went away from the traditional baggy JB look, and the ventilated Dri-Fit construction was great, too. I’m generally not a fan of the 100 percent poly tops, but I did like this one.

Really interested in what JB has to come down the road when it comes to training, particularly as they anchor a lot of that business to such a big star like Texans WR Andre Johnson.


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